Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Care Packages

I've sent off a few care packages to Africa! 
Here's a little story from my Facebook about just how amazing the men and women are at the local Post Office:
"I want to give a shout out to Danny at the Post Office today. For taking the time to help me with my giant package to Africa while it was super busy. For thanking me and the family for loving someone in the military. For slipping that $5 into the cash register as a part of my payment. Yeah you thought I didn't notice but I did. The men and women in the postal service do not get enough credit. So thank you Danny for always being helpful and having a smile on you're face. You're very appreciated." 💙"
"Hey SPC Hull so brave and fine, will you be my Valentine?"

"Kiss me I'm Irish" 
(via Skype)

"This chick misses you!!"

Friday, February 10, 2017

Saying Goodbye to 1409

We have officially moved out of our first apartment. With more TLC it could have been a beautiful home, but the constant fighting with the landlord was not worth it especially since Jared's deployed and I was living alone.
We loved our little home, Malaki came out of his shell and actually made friends! LOL
Ranger did not enjoy his tiny yard but he did love to run up and down the stairs. We lived right across the yard from a friend of mine since kindergarten. So we spent almost every summer day with her at the pool. (which really needs work too)
We had our share of crazy as well, the "fun neighbors" who got evicted a few months after moving in. They would throw parties every night and we would always have to tell them to turn their music down. One day while Jared was away at training, I was at a neighbors house for dinner, and 5 cop cars pulled up and a fire truck. Apparently one of the guys at the "fun neighbors" house got in a drug related fight with another man and as a result was stabbed. That's when I decided I did not want to stay in that neighborhood for a year while Jared's deployed.
While moving out mom and I pulled up to a few cop cars out front of my apartment again, turns out another notorious drug dealer in the neighborhood had been caught and was going to jail. Glad to be gone.
Thank you 1409 for the memories, and the stories to tell our kids about our "crappy first apartment" together. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Try again

So I've been told I need to start blogging again. So once I'm moved out I will start again. This way I can keep everyone updated on the deployment as well. <3

Friday, May 29, 2015

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy...

I was woken up yesterday morning by mom, she told me that something awful happened last night. I instantly thought of Jamocha because she had a bad dream that night. Mom said Jamocha died in her sleep. She isn't waking up and isn't breathing. I didn't believe it and ran down the hallway to her, expecting her to be sitting in her kennel waiting to go outside. She wasn't, she was just laying there, I bent down and hugged her and realized how cold she was. My heart broke. I remember saying No Baby Girl, wake up. Mom went outside to dig her a grave and I sat there holding her paw begging her to wake up. I called Jared and told him what happened, he came over as soon as possible. He stayed here all day, even though he worked the night shift the night before and last night. We miss our baby girl.
I love you Jamocha Jane.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


I waited until now to talk about my finals because the final grades were just posted. 

This semester I took, Developmental Psychology I, Developmental Psychology II, Law and the Legal System, Behavioral Statistics, and 2 Dimensional Art. 
So for my finals in Psychology it was a simple test just like our midterms, 50 questions and a couple bonus. 

Stats was a take home work with a partner test. Then we had to write a Haiku about stats, draw a picture about stats, and tell him what we liked and disliked about his class. Then in class we had to have a small in class test because that is Techs new rule. So he told us he was going to walk out of the room and he wasn't telling us to cheat but whatever happens happens.

For my Law final (the most stressful) we could make a case cheat sheet, it could only be front and back and could include any case we went over this semester. My font was 10 with .3 margins to fit all of them. The test was 50 multiple choice questions, with 10 essay questions. Never in my life have I almost ran out of time but I only had 3 minutes left when I turned my final in. I love the criminal justice field but that class almost killed me. 

Finally my last final was my art final. We had a final project which was a self portrait, then we had to talk about it in class.  My art final: I'm the tree and all the words and pictures in the roots are what makes me, me.

After we were done, there was one girl left and she was really afraid to talk about it. We told her that no one would make fun of her, there is only 10 of us in the class anyways. So she got her project and set it up in the front of the class, then we all realized why she didn't want to talk about her project. It was charcoal of her committing suicide. She explained to us that she wanted to kill herself because her family hates her because she is lesbian. We all cried it was so heartbreaking to hear a happy, upbeat, always smiling girl say she doesn't want to live anymore. After class I talked to her I let her know that she is important and some day her parents will realize that she is amazing and that they don't hate her. I told her I never want her to think about suicide again because she is awesome she's always happy and I instantly wanted to be her friend at the beginning of the semester, and how awful would it be if I never got to meet her because she decided that no one cared about her.  We cried some more. 
I hate how people can't be accepting of others because they love differently. No one should feel like they are a disappointment or that their family no longer loves them because they love differently. 

On happier terms my final grades have been posted and.....


Art Show

Sunday Canyon had an art show at Pottsville, he showed us all his art. He had a rhino mask with a razorback hat just like his. Some water color and tissue paper Coy fish. A warm and cool color horse. A paper mosaic red and green fire truck. And a watercolor owl. He knew exactly where his stuff was and was so excited to show us. 

Balloons over Russvegas!

To add to the busy Saturday we went to Balloons over Russvegas. Where hot air balloons come to Russellville and give rides. 
Canyon really really wanted to go up in a hot air balloon when we got there. I did not they stuffed waaay too many people into the basket, I knew I would have a panic attack. So we decided to walk around and see what else they had. We found helicopter rides and I was totally okay with that but there was one problem we brought Malaki with us. So we asked how much it was and told him that we would take our dog home and then come back. The man told us that some of his crew could watch Malaki for us, I didn't really like that idea I didn't want to come back and him be gone. Then he said hey if he can handle it just sit in the back and hold him and he can go. So we waited in line forever! And I started to have second thoughts about this. Every time the helicopters took off they would point there nose to the ground like they were going to crash, every time they would land they would bounce which was terrifying. Malaki though wasn't freaking out he'd just watch them take off and land and the noise or wind didn't bother him. Canyon loved watching but lost his hat a few times. Finally we were next and a man asked me if Malaki was a flying pup and I said of course!
So he strapped us in and I put Malaki behind the seat belt so he felt closer to me and safe. It was so exciting definitely more scary to watch than to be in it. Malaki had no problem just watch out the window. Canyon was cool as a cucumber. And kept giving me the thumbs up. 
After we landed the same man came to help me out and asked how it was and I told him it was amazing and I would definitely do it again, he asked how Malaki did and I said he did great and then he asked Malaki to give him some knuckles LOL. 

After the ride we went to find something to drink and a vendor threw Malaki a stress ball, since here was another Yorkie playing with one, and Malaki freaked out! I told him to chill he just flew on a helicopter but a ball is too scary. He's ridiculous.